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Postby ironuser » Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:03 am

Scream81 wrote:Ironuser, is the version you got different then the version I've posted here?

No, it is your version, almost exactly. I"ll copy it to you in a PM if you want. The only ting I have done is to change the source to reflect Fanboy's complete file.

Code: Select all

const source = ""

I have also removed the instructions for the x64 machines. I think a couple of users were getting confused about what to do with them.
The other thing is that sometimes that link will allow a download, and other times it won't, and I have yet to get the mirror link to work.
It was just easier to offer to post the code so it could be pasted into a document and saved to the desktop.
If I have offended, I am sorry. Not my intent. Your script has helped a lot users, and I try to remember to give you the credit you are due for making it work!

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