unable to update to 60.0.3150 from 59.0.3100.0

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unable to update to 60.0.3150 from 59.0.3100.0

Postby CheezyNachos » Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:42 am

I am running 59.0.3100.0 64 bit, and have tried up dating to use the new version of SRIron 60.0.3150 ( I am running windows 10).

I have installed it on several separate occasions in the past week, but it seems the browser doesn't update?

The funny thing is that if I look in control panel, I see 60.0.3150 is shown as the version installed and it is the only instance of the browser installed, but when I actually open the browser itself it still shows as V 59.0.3100.0.

can anyone help clear this up please?


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