ccleaner still picking up chrome history from iron

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ccleaner still picking up chrome history from iron

Postby jazluvr » Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:09 am

I decided to start a new thread about this cuz the other one I'm not getting any answers too. Here's what i have...

ccleaner picking up chrome history from iron
google chrome-internet Cache........26,834KB-148 files
google chrome-internet history.......1,032KB- 4 files
google chrome session..................141KB- 1

Google chrome, not any sign of chromium was listed in ccleaners applications.i do not have any google crhome on my pc, at least i didn't have when i deleted iron and used FF beta 5. No sign of google chrome in ccleneaner anywhere, until i downloaded and installed Iron to it's new folder. I deleted the old folder.

I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this as i said before, i don't remember ccleaner picking up any goole crap on the erlier version of Iron.I wasn't until i downloaded Iron again (after purging my system clean of any of googles software, and ccleaner wasn't picking up any chrome stuff when i had just firfox installed.

So there are google files in this build, it seems. I would like it if someone could explain in a bit of detail how this could be happening.I would really appreciate it.
If the devs can confirm they are harmless files that need to be "labeled" as chrome, because you are building a browser based on their browser, but it's NOT supposed to be a clone, why is it picking up chromes crap?

I want to ask the Iron dev peeple if they can update the page zoomer so it increases by 10% instead of 20%. 20% make everything to big, and i wear glasses, as must others here do too. It makes many web pages text conflict and i see black bars through the text.I don't want to use googles page resizer, cuz it says it can see whatever i do.

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Re: ccleaner still picking up chrome history from iron

Postby arflech » Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:29 pm

CCleaner just seems to recognize any Chromium-based browser as "Chrome"; I recently got a new laptop and installed SRWare Iron but not Chrome, and because it uses the same user-data directories as the Chromium nightly builds it is recognized as Chrome by CCleaner.

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