IRON stopped working for me

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IRON stopped working for me

Postby njinsa » Mon Sep 06, 2010 7:56 pm

Until a two-three weeks ago, I was using SRWare Iron without any major problems. I really liked it and it was my main browser. My version was 5.0.380.

Then, for no apparent reason, it would not open any webpages, not even the main page with all the links. It just says "Loading..." on the tab and the page stays completely blank. I am able to click on all of the menu options, but whenever something needs to be displayed on the main screen like the bookmark manager, it does nothing. Just stays blank/white.

So I opened up Firefox, came to this forum and saw that the new version came out. So I completely uninstalled the old version and installed 5.0.382. Unfortunately, it is still the same...Nothing can be displayed.

BTW, my internet is working properly. I am typing this from Firefox right now, and my IE also works fine.

What is the deal?


Re: IRON stopped working for me

Postby bulek » Tue Sep 07, 2010 12:19 pm

By "completely uninstalled" do you also mean deleting your profile? It may happen that there is something "bad" in the profile files what makes Iron unusable. I would try to delete them and reainstall once again. Of course keep a backup copy if you need your settings or or other data from the old installation. One other thing you could check is adblock.ini file. I remember versions of Iron blocking all the requests if in adblock.ini there was a line with just "#" character. Iron 5.0.382 however should deal with that without any problem.

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