Can't import favorites (.ink file) into Iron.

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Can't import favorites (.ink file) into Iron.

Postby jazluvr » Sun Sep 05, 2010 5:41 pm

I had them in a previous version, but there seems to be a problem. i had to re-install windows and i saved my IE favorites as an .lnk file that doesn't work, i tried exporting them to my documents as an html file, but it only imports a partial weird looking list. I can use all my favorites from clicking on the desktop link, and my browser (current Iron) just takes me there and that works fine, but all i had to do in a previous version was drag and drop into the bookmarks bar. But now it doesn't work.

FF does the same thing, but i don't like FF. It's way slower than this anyway. byt the way, i LOVE this browser! i was using chrome a while back, but then i heard of this and never looked back.
Also does the adblocker work with this version? i don't see an option for it. i use a hosts file, which help. Will the adblocker work with the new version coming out in a few days?

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