Problem with visited/unvisited link colors

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Problem with visited/unvisited link colors

Postby Mele20 » Sat Sep 04, 2010 11:23 am

I am new to Iron. Stayed away from Chrome due to privacy issues. I like Iron but do not understand why Chrome/Iron uses IE settings. I hate IE.

I cannot find any settings in Iron for visited/unvisited link colors or color on mouse hover. Thus I assume Iron is supposed to use IE's link colors. It does not do so. It is using a very ugly, hard on the eyes, blue for unvisited links in forums and black for visited ones and no color on mouse hover. My settings in IE are for visited links to be purple and unvisited green with mouse hover as red.

I have Iron installed on a virtual machine with XP Pro SP2 and on my host machine which also runs XP Pro. On the virtual machine I have IE8. On my host machine I have IE6. On both machines, my IE link colors are not used. How do I fix this?

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