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SRWare Benchmark

Post by Dinamicor »

Since RoboForm support was provided for Chorme,I have used Chrome or Chromium-based browsers for my work as an IT Consultant and Web developer.

SRWare is the fastest I tried of the Chorme-Choromium family. To verify If my perceptions were right, I benchmarked 5 browsers with PeaceKeeper (from FutureMark):

1. SRWare v.5.0.381
2. Chrome v.5.0.375.126
3. ChromePlus v.5.0375.38
4. Comodo v.
5. Xenode v.

And found my perception was reality.

PC used to test is an Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz 800MGB Bus, Intel D945GNT Mobo, 2MG Ram.
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Re: SRWare

Post by Chikon »

Absolutely beautiful.

Makes sense too; without all the junk and borderline spyware that bogs down Chrome, Iron really should shine in terms of speed.

Thanks for confirming it.
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