SRWare Disables this Extension - SessionBox

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SRWare Disables this Extension - SessionBox

Postby adsactly » Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:54 pm


I found a Bug with the Iron Browser in Windows that I can't seem to squash on my own. Perhaps the tech team here can test this application out and see if they experience the same issues and maybe they can pinpoint the actual reason as to why this is happening.

Here is the Problem. is a Free Extension that allows for multiple sessions to be created in the same browser.

It Works perfectly however when I restart the Iron Chrome Browser by closing it down or restarting my PC the SessionBox Extension gets disabled and I have to enable it manually every time I close the browser.

I am hoping you can find out what is causing this issue and perhaps provide a workaround or solution for us all I am sure there are many other people using Iron + SessionBox and running into the same issue.

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