Why is Dev Tools bar empty?

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Why is Dev Tools bar empty?

Post by littlebigman »


I'm using SRWare Iron 5.0.381 on XP, and was checking out what Chrome has to offer to developers, eg. inspecting the contents of the DOM of a currently-loaded web page. But when I hit CTRL-SHIFT-I, the bar is totally empty:

http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/3664 ... ptydev.jpg

Does someone why this is? Do I need an add-on? Are there other Chrome-compatible tools I should know about?

Thank you.
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Re: Why is Dev Tools bar empty?

Post by loislo »

Looks like DevTools has some problem in JS code.
It is a chance that problem will be solved by chrome restart. Usually that happens when chrome is upgrading at background.
The other reason of that can be some changes which you have made in DevTools.js.
Of cause if you do some changes :)
You can troubleshoot such problem by another instance of DevTools.
As example you can try to load DevTools.html page into Safari, open WebInspector for it and check console messages.
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