Some tab handling feature requests

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Some tab handling feature requests

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I have some features I'd like to see in Iron. I've been hacking these into the chromium source and using my own builds which I'd like to stop having to do at one point. So it'd be nice if a project could take them over :)

My tweaks are:
[*]enable/disable the new tab button
[*]enable/disable an FF-style close tab button at the end of the tabstrip
[*]customize tab close button behavior
[*]customize "Open Link in New Tab" behavior

Tab close button behavior options are:
default Chromium
close buttons on every tab, always
no close buttons on tabs, ever (my preference)
close button on active tab only
no close buttons unless hovering over tab with the mouse

"Open Link in New Tab" placement options:
default Chromium (insert after originating tab)
add at end of tab strip

Here's a screenshot of a chromium build with my patches.
Here's my patch against an older SVN pull. maybe some parts could be salvaged.

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