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Images not auto-resizing?

Posted: Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:31 pm
by oo_nrb
Hello all,

I've been using Chromium/Iron for a while now, but I have not found a way to fix this problem. Iron is not auto-resizing images when they are opened in a new tab (as in, resizing so that they fit inside the browser window). I've opened the same images in official builds of Chrome and they are resized just fine, but large images in Iron tend to open much larger than the browser window with no way of scaling them to fit inside the window. I recently updated to the version below but this problem occurred in previous versions as well:

SRWare Iron 5.0.381
WebKit 533.4

Extensions installed: Better Gmail (Unofficial), FlashBlock, folders4Gmail, SmoothScroll, Speed Dial, Turn Off the Lights
(note: all of these extensions are also installed in Chrome and again, Chrome resizes images just fine while Iron does not)