Iron is worthy of a donation scheme

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Iron is worthy of a donation scheme

Postby UB2010 » Sun May 30, 2010 8:08 am

I think that Iron is a very important project and that it should attract more European developers and testers. I would gladly accept to donate e.g. €10 to help Iron mature, as it deserves to be.

Background info: I am a big fan of the CBS/AOL streaming internet radio since its early days as Netscape Spinner. I used to listen to it via Winamp. Since February all radio streams are censored outside US and so I had to try all browsers that would allow me to access the radio via a US proxy. The quest lasted about a week and here are my conclusions.

1. Iron portable is the fastest and most accurate rendering engine for complex java/flash sites, like the CBS/AOL streaming radio. Both Firefox and Opera have issues with it (check e.g. ... s=1&id=831)

2. Iron is the only chance we have for the implementation of a proper internal proxy function. From what I read, Google is interested to implement only "politically correct" flavours of Chrome that will not facilitate the anonymity of e.g. oppressed citizens (Foxconn slaves come to my mind this moment, RIP to all the heroes that died to improve their fellow workers' lives).

3. I am not convinced by any "do no evil"-type selling point.

PS 1. If any developer is reading, I am certain they already know that when pressing "Reload", the notification window asks "Leave this site?", so I'm not bringing it up.

PS 2. To use Iron (portable for me) with an internal proxy, create with notepad a batch file e.g. ironproxy.bat and put in it the following text (including the quotes):

"full_path_to_Iron" --proxy-server="proxy_IP:port"
for example

Code: Select all

 "C:\ ... \IronPortable.exe" --proxy-server=""

The batch just calls Iron and the command line argument instructs it to use the proxy server of your choice. Of course, you can use more batch files for different proxies. This will NOT affect your global Internet connection preferences. A good place to find proxies categorised by country is

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