This file came from another computer (...)

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This file came from another computer (...)

Postby Wolfram » Fri May 28, 2010 8:44 pm

Dear Sirs:

I took the courage to write this post, with the hope that someone, competent, from your community,
will be willing to guide me in the solving of a difficult problem - at least for me.

Before exposing the problem with which I am confronting, I would like to confess you that I made an
extensive search, on various websites, looking for indications/solutions to my problem; but I found
nothing useful. I would also add that I am not the only one who has the same (unsolved) problem.

The description of the problem:

Every type of file, downloaded with SRWare Iron 4.0.280, is marked, by the so-called "Attachment Manager",
from Windows XP SP2, as potentially "harmful". Therefore, when I right-click on the downloaded file, and I
select Properties, on the bottom of the Properties window there is the well-known message "This file came
from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer".

If I choose to unblock it, then the respective file is automatically deleted. Even from the Recycle Bin!

I had the same problem with Firefox 3. But I solved it. And here's how:

1. I typed in the address bar "about:config";
2. I scrolled down the displayed page till the setting named "";
3. I changed the above mentioned setting to False;
4. I closed the configuration window and I restarted the browser.

Now, any file downloaded with Firefox is "clean".-

Note: only Firefox 3.X and Chrome/Iron have these problem. IE 8, Opera 9/10, K-Meleon and QtWeb do not have it.
I have not tested Safari, yet. It seems that these two browsers are trying to "implant" themselves too "deep", in the
Operating System. They are violating some "default" security rules. Windows is "rejecting" them. And only them.

I said to myself: let's try a more general solution. And I clicked: Start, Run; then I typed "gpedit.msc", then Enter/OK.
Then I selected the Attachment Manager (User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components ->
Attachment Manager).
Then I Enabled: Do not preserve zone information in file attachments (which is valid only for new files). OK; and then I
restarted the PC. (The command "Gpupdate /force", in the Run box, has the same effect.)

The result? The problem persists: every type of file downloaded with Iron continues to be marked as "dangerous". All
the files have [alternate data] streams associated with them. Despite the fact that I made the modification described.

My question is: how can I FORCE Iron to behave like any other browser?

Is there a "secret" command, with a syntax similar to the ones specific to Firefox, or Opera, able to solve the problem?
["about:net-internals" is useless.]

I thank you for your attention.-

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Re: This file came from another computer (...)

Postby ironuser » Sun May 30, 2010 12:07 am

I'm betting the problem is with your system security software, or the anti-virus program you are using.
I only say that because it seems from your post that you 'had' to tweak Firefox and Opera to make them NOT give you that message.

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Re: This file came from another computer (...)

Postby Wolfram » Sun May 30, 2010 2:00 pm

Well, ironuserr, I thank you for your kind answer.
Unfortunately, you have not read, with enough attention, my post.

I have NOT tweaked Opera. Only Firefox; only Firefox 3.X, to be more precise. Firefox 1.X and 2.X are
working fine, "out-of-the-box". They do not create this kind of problem.

IE 6, 7, or 8 does not need to be "tweaked" in what concerns the "file attachment policy".
Opera 9 or 10 does not need to be tweaked.
Safari 4.0.X does not require any tweaking, either. (I just have tested it!)
K-Meleon, QtWeb, SeaMonkey, Luna and ALL the other available browsers, for Windows, based on Gecko,
Trident, and WebKit engines, are working fine. They are ALL conforming themselves to Windows security
policies. They do not have to be "tweaked", in order to download "unmarked" files.

The only really "indisciplined" browser out here is... Iron. And I underline: only Iron.

Regarding my anti-virus program, well, I have to disappoint you. I am not using ANY kind of AV protection!
I use Opera 10 (+ Sandboxie - if I navigate on unknown websites). If I want more protection, I activate the very
useful application called AVG LinkScanner - wich is far superior to WOT, or McAfee SiteAdvisor, for example.

(more info about LinkScanner, here:

From all the browsers I know, Opera has the best "Security Record" - at least, according to Secunia. By the way:
if you have time, please read this article: "Security competition reveals new browser flaws". Here's the URL: ... wser-flaws
According to its author, "For the second year in a row, Google's Chrome was the only browser not hacked — not
because it was unbreakable, but because the other browsers were easier targets. Compared to IE, Firefox, and
Safari, Chrome is a new browser." (Opera was deliberately excluded, for the second time, from the hackers'
contest. Guess why...)

More of that: after the working day has finished, I restore my PC to the state it was right after the "clean"
installation of Windows XP. :D Similar to the procedure from any Internet Cafe...
Before doing this, I save all my downloaded files on a CD-RW disk - if, of course, I download any file. :lol:

For "office-like" activity + CAD + photo editing + etc., I use a second PC - which I never connect to Internet.
(Note: the CR-RW solution is better than the USB stick/HD solution, from the Security point of view. Even if it is
a little more uncomfortable.)

I am sorry: you have lost your bet...

My problem - which, I repeat, is affecting many others - has to do with the Operating System (Windows XP SP2).
And not with the Antivirus.-


Re: This file came from another computer (...)

Postby bulek » Sun May 30, 2010 6:05 pm

This is known Chromium bug and still waits for a fix:

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Re: This file came from another computer (...)

Postby phzi » Sun May 30, 2010 11:14 pm

What version of windows are you running? 7 or Vista? 64 or 32bit?

The "Dangerous File" protection warning SHOULD be activated for every file you download from the web, in ANY browser.

I have never heard of the file being deleted when you try to unblock it, so I bet this is a problem with a 3rd party program, and not Windows or Iron.

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Re: This file came from another computer (...)

Postby Wolfram » Mon May 31, 2010 9:55 pm

Thank you, bulek, for the link! I hope that the "zone-info bug" will be "ironed" out, finally.
After all, Iron is not a file-sharing application, to deserve such a harsh treatment.

I must confess you that I knew about the link, but I deliberately avoided to mention it, because I thought that the
informations posted there are somewhat too technical. Until the developers will remedy the problem, I am still
searching for a temporary solution.

Nevertheless, in exchange, please allow me to give you a link to an article about
compatibility tables for features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and other upcoming web technologies: ... cr,wd,ietf

Despite the fact that Chromium/Iron is RAM-hungry, it is a very good application. It works like "greased".
It creates, to the user, a sensation of stability/solidity not encountered at other browsers.

Chromium + Google OS + Google apps = The Future of on-line computing

Windows XP - more than 40 millions source lines of code :roll:
Windows Server 2003 - more than 50 source millions lines of code
Mac OS X 10.4 - more than 86 millions source lines of code (!)
Debian 4.0 - more that 283 millions source lines of code (!!)

Who needs such monstrosities ?!

Perhaps Google will be a better computing master, than Microsoft...

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