Iron not playing nicely with my android Xoom Tablet

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Iron not playing nicely with my android Xoom Tablet

Postby jackdashack » Sat Mar 25, 2017 3:38 pm

I have an older Xoom. It updated from the box and then one major update since. It's Version 4.1.2. Build JZO54K. I think that's Jelly Bean? It was Ice Cream Sandwich from the box I believe. ??

I did a complete factory reset saving no data. Wiped everything! Only logged on and did no updates because it seemed to becoming more unstable under the pre-wipe with all the updates. I should say here that I had tried to install IRON several times pre-wipe. It would come on, the browser would appear and then just as suddenly disappear. So I thought maybe I should do the complete wipe and try loading IRON the very first thing before all the Google updates.

Same thing. The browser appears a second or two and then completely disappears? Any help here? I'm testing IRON an would like it on my 2 android devices. The old XP's that are running well. And the Windows 10 desktop. So far the only one that is balking is the Android Xoom. I don't think I have put it on the android phone yet.

Appreciate any help! jack ":-Dx :ironvsopera

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