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iron chkdsk

Postby Cyrius » Mon May 10, 2010 3:37 pm

Hi all!

I've recently encountered a "bug" with iron beta 5.0.380.

The problem is, that if I download too much files at the same time. Then a warning in the bottom right screen appears that iron.exe couldn't write on C:\ anymore and that it has to do a chkdsk.

I'll try to explain this problem with an example:
Let's assume I want to download a 100 MB file which is splitted into 4 parts à 25 MB. I got direct links to those parts. If I now download them one by one (so that all 4 parts are downloading at once), I get this error message. One of the downloads then stops (in my case the 3rd) and it also creates a 0 KB large file and a .tmp file that has only 0 KB as well. The 3rd part doesn't start to download either, so I got to delete the files and start it again.

But the main problem is, that all the time I want to start my computer I get this damn chkdsk caused by Iron.

I hope you can fix or solve this problem, cause I really like the iron and I do not want to change to another browser.

Thanks anyway!

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