A little feedback

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A little feedback

Post by Larkas »

First of all, I'd like to congratulate you guys on the great work done on Iron. It's really nice to have a safer version of Chromium to work on :)

That said, I've noticed a little annoying problem. When Iron is maximized, it apparently "clips" through the edges of the screen. To illustrate what I'm saying, look at the attached image. To the left, is the top right corner of a maximized Chrome. To the right is the EXACT same screen spot on a maximized Iron. I wonder what causes it... Well, is this fixable/will this be fixed/am I late and this is already been looked upon?

Moving on, I had an idea that maybe you guys would like to use: why don't you make a little alternate theme, something dark gray/orange-red, that would match the whole Iron inspiration? That would be neat!

On another topic, I understand that you guys are performing a contest to elect a new Iron icon. Since I don't speak any german and I don't want to mess up that topic, and since I'm not the author, I thought I would show you guys this great custom icon I'm using myself here. Maybe you would like to contact the author to use it, or maybe some designer could play with the concept and come with a brand new icon for the program. I think it looks neat because it fits the Iron theme just nicely, even though apparently the author himself is alien of your project. You can find it here.

Lastly, I'm a brazilian, I could try to help you with pt-BR localizations, if you'd like :)
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Re: A little feedback

Post by coldkeys »

Hi, thankyou for the link to the icon/png for Iron, I'm now using them both (start menu & Object dock).

I tried to duplicate your problem with Iron maximised, I don't get any clipping at all, my Iron looks like your Chrome. No help I know but a second opinion none the less.

I'm using Ultimate Black theme from http://chrome-themes.blogspot.com gives Iron a dark look.

Good luck.
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