Very ugly Iron AdBlock

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Very ugly Iron AdBlock

Postby IronMikey » Sat Feb 27, 2010 12:08 am

Many thanks for your work on Iron. One major hit with the ugly stick is the space left when ads are blocked. I've attached a screen grab of YouTube, where Iron has blocked a large Flash image, leaving a mess in its place. (Using FanBoy's Adblock.ini file).

Can this not be fixed so that just a tiny invisible GIF is used or something? Iron has been like this for a long time, and it really lets it down.

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Re: Very ugly Iron AdBlock

Postby z25blink » Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:31 pm

I agree. I have same experience. Many times I have been trying to fix it with direct Fanboy help. But sitaution si bad. ..... Same Adblock rules, which works under Opera, Firefox, Arora, Safari ..... often didn´t work correctly under Iron/Chromium/Chrome.

Me and Fanboy (through his Forum), tried many variations, rules, customisations, but not very help.

Iron/Chromium/Chrome have very bad abality in that way. Fanboy said other WebKit browsers (like Safari) have "Style Sheets management" aka CSS.
Within CSS is often able to block those html/js codes, what only Adblock can´t. Iron/Chromium/Chrome are just very bad because lack of it.

There are several add-ons for adblocking
all works under Iron (its fully compatible with Chrome 4)

but CSS management is extremely ugly behind most of webkit based browsers

Plus lack of features like ....
1) CSS management,
2) RSS viewer/reader/subscriber,
3)Page Print options/Page Setup/Print Preview remove headers,footers,setting for margins....

add-ons for RSS are not very good, and print settings is not able at all (no add-ons exists)

For me, these are annonying,
but Iron is still my default browser in win7. ;)

In version Iron 5.0 some of these will be fixed ;) , but not all :(

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