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Troubles with

Postby ird » Sat Feb 13, 2010 11:42 am

Hi, i've just started using Iron 4.0.280. I Like it a lot and want to continue. But there is a problem: as i try to enter nothing positieve happens except of this (in Russian)


Исходное сообщение об ошибке показано ниже

Ошибка 2 (net::ERR_FAILED): Неизвестная ошибка.

it says
Error 2 (net::ERR_FAILED): Unidentified error

have searched the forum for solution but couldn't find anything.

Please, tell me what to do coz i want to enter any site i need but with Iron. Is it possible?

If this problem was already discussed sorry and please link me to discussion.


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