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Re: Iron Updater Official

Post by freeeflyer »

I've found a workaround for the "CRX header invalid"

Just unpack the crx with a utility like 7zip, switch to "developer mode", choose the upper left button to add an unpacked extension, finally search the directory where you have unpacked the extension, clic "ok" and it's done.
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Re: Iron Updater Official

Post by Alpina »

I am confused, is it me or does the updater actually update? I have installed the .crx for my portable Iron with the trick described above, thank you, but all it seems to be doing is downloading a and that is it.
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Re: Iron Updater Official

Post by Carav »

Does anyone have experience with the portable version?
I'm thinking about swithing browsers for my android phone and ipad and was wondering if it's worth the effort?
Was the bug that you loose all your installed expansions fixed?

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