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Products:    Iron   -   SecureWAMP
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April 11th, 2016

We released Iron for Android. Download it now!

December 27th, 2012  

SRWare released SecureWAMP - the revolutionary WAMP

June 26th, 2009 

Our free Imagehosting-Service is online now

SRWare Iron: The Browser of the future

- Overview
- News
- Chrome vs Iron
- FAQ (frequently asked questions)
- Download

Frequently asked questions

I don't know what it's about here. What is Iron?

Iron is an Internet-Browser like "Internet Explorer", "Firefox" oder "Opera". It is based on the  "Chromium" Sourcecode. You can get Iron for free here.

I read about tools, which try to anonymize Chrome. Why not use these?

Right, there are tools, which try to do the same than Iron. But these don't work with the sourcecode and so they only provide a limited control. E.g. they can't disbale functions like th URL-Tracker.

Can i really check that Iron doesn't submit any private data, how you say?

Yes, you can. There are tools like Wireshark, which scan the whole network-traffic. We could not recognize any obvious activity. But you can proof this by yourself.
PS: We also disabled the  DNS-Precaching by default, because this could perhaps used by spammers (see this Link)

Can't i just use an precompiled unchanged Chromium-Build from the  Google Server?

This is not useful because the original Chromium-Builds have nearly the same functions inside than the original Chrome. We can only provide Iron because we massively modified the source.

* Chrome and Google are registered trademarks of Google Inc.