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LinuxFX mimics the look of Windows

LinuxFX is a unique Linux distribution that has been gaining popularity due to its familiar user interface that closely resembles that of Microsoft's Windows operating system. This distribution has been developed in Brazil and has become increasingly popular among users who want a desktop environment that is easy to navigate and looks similar to what they are used to.

One of the key features of LinuxFX is its WX Desktop environment, which is a modified version of KDE Plasma. The desktop environment includes various features that mimic Windows 10 and 11, such as a start menu, taskbar, and system tray. Additionally, it uses FX shaders to enhance the overall user experience and make it feel more polished.

Despite its Windows-like appearance, LinuxFX is a fully functional Linux distribution that is based on Ubuntu and Debian. This means that users have access to a range of open-source software applications that can be installed and used on the system. LinuxFX also includes support for x86 and ARM architecture, making it a versatile option for users who want to run it on different types of hardware, including the popular Raspberry Pi.

The creators of LinuxFX have been working hard to ensure that the distribution is easy to use and provides a seamless experience for users who are used to working with Windows. In addition to its familiar interface, the distribution includes a range of tools and utilities that are designed to make it easy for users to migrate from Windows to LinuxFX. For example, it includes Wine, a compatibility layer that allows users to run Windows applications on LinuxFX, as well as PlayOnLinux, which simplifies the installation and management of Windows games and other software.

The new Version, which also supports simulating the Windows 11 design, which is also cloned by LinuxFX, will be released on 5 October. The WX Desktop, which is a modified KDE Plasma comes in Version 5.22.5 and the Linux 5.11 system kernel. The programmers call the interface WX Desktop 11.1 with FX shaders.

The basis of the program is Unbuntu 21.04, but there are also repositories for Debian 10.10.

The operating system, which looks deceptively similar to Windows 11, is available not only for Linux but also for x86 and ARM architecture, for example for a Raspberry Pi. However, only version 10.8.4 is available. But there should be an update soon.