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SRWare IT-News

24.09.2012 17:33

Opsira Company was founded in 1999 in Weingarten. It is one of the most iconic optical device manufacturers, and among its outstanding contributions is the development of the flagship robo-gionometer. This particular company has specialized in the field of optical measuring systems, optics simulations, as well as measurement services. Optic related products are engineered to be used in sectors that require extreme precision such as in medicine, industrial manufacturing, lighting system such as street lights, sensors, and the automotive industry.

Opsira Company has progressively invested in manpower from the best engineering schools, and as a result, today the organizations boast of employing some of the finest engineers across the globe. With extensive research coupled with consistent product innovation, in 2009 Opsira managed to receive the science and development Oscan, Scientific, and Engineering Awards for one of its flagship product, movie spotlight ARRIMAX 18/12 HMI. This implies that Opsira Company is a clear market leader when it comes to optical technology manufacturing.

Benefits of Opsira’s robo-goniometer Among some of the key product for Opsira company is the Robo-Goniometer, a testimony that the company has performed exceptionally well in the robot automation optics. This particular device facilitates accurate and when computing various radiometric and angle-dependent photo parameters by utilizing several features that combine numerous capabilities from conventional Goniometer devices into a single package. This same robo-goniometer comes manufactured with a solid 6-axis construction that supports sample positioning as well as capabilities to manipulate the angles with extreme precision and exceptional levels of reliability.

As expected with various manufacturers of light sources, Opsira’s Goniometer is based on very accurate data.

The products various categories of mechanical variances enables measurements in the conventional A, B, or C planes by embracing single measurement system that combines goniometer types 1.2, 1.2, and 1.3 according to DIN 5032 in a new device. When a production line combines the services of an industrial robot, a facility can take advantage of worldwide secure investment, geometrical flexibility, and exceptional levels of reliability from this product.

This product also comes with other capabilities such as measuring the intensity of radiation and angle of incidence. It is also possible to measure various optic aspects such as angle-dependent characteristics of radiometry and photo, and this may include how light scatters together with the intensity involved. With such a gadget it is possible to derive tonnes of information pertaining to various parameters on lights effect towards a particular object.

As a symbol of accuracy, robo-goniometer comes with various mechanical degrees of freedom so that the gadget is easily adjustable. These very high numbers of mechanical variances enables measurements in traditional A, B, or C planes by embracing single measurement systems combining goniometer types 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3.

In addition, robo-goniometer f the form 2.x, 3, and 4 are possible, and to be specific type 3.2 can be easily implemented by undertaking certain configurations. The robot gadget can also hide clear investments protection in addition to the geometric flexibility. The above features are what prospective buyers should look for when inquiring about Presentation Robo-Goniometer.

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