Новая версия Iron: 27.0.1500.0 Stable для Linux

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Новая версия Iron: 27.0.1500.0 Stable для Linux

Postby SRWare » Tue May 28, 2013 11:32 pm

We released the new Iron for Linux 27 today, which contains all features and updates known from Chromium 27. The current version is 27.1500.0.

Main improvements:
- Bugfixes
- performance improvements
- improved profile management

http://www.srware.net/downloads/iron-linux.tar.gz (32-Bit)
http://www.srware.net/downloads/iron-linux-64.tar.gz (64-Bit)

Downloads for Debian-based distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint etc.):
http://www.srware.net/downloads/iron.deb (32-Bit)
http://www.srware.net/downloads/iron64.deb (64-Bit)

Downloads for Redhat-based Distributionen [BETA!] (Fedora, RHEL etc.):
http://www.srware.net/downloads/iron.rpm (32-Bit)
http://www.srware.net/downloads/iron64.rpm (64-Bit)
Iron-Updates via Twitter: http://twitter.com/srware
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Re: Новая версия Iron: 27.0.1500.0 Stable для Linux

Postby mockmoon » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:59 am

Зависает страница gmail при открытии чата. Такое же было и в 25 версии. В Iron 27 под винду и Chromium'е 27 под линукс все работает. Стоит Ubuntu 12.04 gnome 3.4.2 ядро 3.2.0-45
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