SRWare Android?

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SRWare Android?

Postby worldawry » Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:10 am

Hi, SRWare guys!

Really enjoying your browser! You've made a great job wiping out all those Google tracking crap, and making one of the best browsers in the world. Thank you for that!

Gentlemen, maybe you'll do the same with Android? It's really fine OS, but fully loaded with Google's tracking, watching, sniffing, etc. So if you'd fork an Android in order to make a reliable OS just like you've forked Chromium, then I guess the grateful mankind will install a monument to you! :) Think about it please. Even if it is going to be the need to purchase such a system, then I believe you'll have your customers who will be ready to buy it. Maybe it would be reasonable to place a voting poll on your website in order to research such a need between the other users? Thanks.

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