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Copy bug with <q> tags

Postby IanB » Fri Sep 06, 2013 6:05 pm

I'm a webmaster who uses <q> tags extensively in my site. I have had reports that Iron (on Windows) has a bug (where FF and IE etc. do not) when copying text from the browser window where quotemarks have been rendered through <q> tags. Since the quotes are not "text", they are not added correctly to the clipboard when copying, so copied text effectively has all quotes stripped out.

I suspect this is a more general bug triggered by the way the quotemarks are added through CSS, using Q:before and Q:after to set arbitrary added characters. It therefore likely affects ALL tags which have extra text added them with CSS code like:
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Q    { quotes: '\201C' '\201D' '\2018' '\2019' '\201C' '\201D' '\2018' '\2019' }
EM:before    { content: '\2018' }
EM:after    { content: '\2019' }

I'm not an Iron user, I'm just reporting the bug her so it can be addressed. Good luck fixing your CSS handling!
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