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Re: Iron is listed 14 times in Windows Task Manager

Postby taltamir » Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:39 am

sting101 wrote:Don't know what you mean by "this is how chrome is meant to work" but I sure remember having up to 40 tabs and I would never face this same Low Memory Windows Warning issue which leads to iron crashing and losing all my tabs over and over again. This only started happening recently. almost 100mb per tab, do you call this normal?

The complaint was that Iron opens more than 1 process, this IS how it is supposed to work and this IS part of why chromium is the fastest browser around and also saves ram.
If you are now complaining that it uses too much ram per tab, that is a whole different issue.

As for 100MB per tab... seems pretty normal to me.
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