My Comment to You, the Programmer

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My Comment to You, the Programmer

Postby PinstripedTie » Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:41 pm

Mr. Owner / Programmer / whoever...

My two posts from yesterday have yet to be posted.
WHY is that??

There was nothing out of the way contained within.

Since you won't be posting this one either... I am
now going to discontinue use of this browser as I
have found it not to be any better than Firefox and
since you could care less about your support... I
care less about your browser. Fire fox has issues,
but so does YOUR browser and really... your browser
has many MORE issues! I have crashed your browser
several times already doing nothing more than
viewing YouTube videos! Ridiculous!!

My system is nothing special other than being Win7
64 bit and 4 gigs memory.

Thanks so much for your lack of care! WHY do you
do this in the first place if you don't really care??

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